Originally published May 15, 2020 by NBC5DFW.com.

By Laura Harris

Coach Lisa Mihelich, Physical Education teacher at Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute, misses her students.

“You know I tell them every single week ‘I miss you, I hope you are doing OK, is there anything I can do for you,’” Mihelich said. “This week I decided to make it a little more meaningful. To put a little extra effort into it to show them I am thinking about them.”

Mihelich said she would have loved to drive to each student’s home and just wave at them through the window, but in her case, that would be very difficult.

She came up with another idea she could send to them.

“I see teachers all over the internet and all over social media doing these crazy cool ideas that I love so much and with Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute being a choice school, our students are all over the metroplex versus just in Grand Prairie,” Mihelich said.

Her simple gesture means so much. She used sidewalk chalk to write out each student’s name in a circle. In the middle she wrote, I miss you.

“I just wanted to give them something they could keep forever and I could keep forever and they loved it,” Mihelic said.

She, like many teachers across North Texas, had their school year with their students upended due to the coronavirus pandemic. She said she just hopes her simple gesture shows the kids they have not been forgotten.

“I have had to get extra creative for virtual PE. My students have created their own workout videos, participated in Fitness Bingo, and even brought back the bottle flip challenge,” Mihelic said. “I think my students have realized the importance of PE and staying active and all the benefits it can bring to their mental health. I love getting 216 little work out videos each week, and seeing them include their families.”

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