Why It’s Needed

            If children can get started on
          a healthy path, are provided the
       proper resources and self-confidence
          to understand how to maintain it,
            we're on the right track toward
                   a legitimate solution.


It Takes Objective, Accurate Measurement and Accountability

Most states nationwide have mandated enhanced, measurable activity levels for students and schools in physical education, yet none have an effective tool to measure these mandates. School districts, regulatory agencies, and grant funders nationwide demand an accountability system to measure PE program effectiveness.

One such example: Texas Senate Bill 891 requires 50% of PE class time to contain “moderate to vigorous physical activity” (MVPA). Currently, competitor systems primarily provide hardware with an inadequate software reporting system that remains largely unused.


The Alarming Nationwide Healthcare Issues

For the first time in 120 years, life expectancy decreased due to long-term cardiovascular disease and diabetes beginning in youth.

Annual healthcare costs are estimated at $147 billion, growing at 9%/year.

Projections found 42.6%, or triple the current number of the nations adult population will be obese by 2040. Knowing that the adults of 2040 are the children of today, Texas State Senator Jane Nelson said ”This is the single most serious threat we face as a nation.”


IHT is a Viable Solution for 21st Century Learning

Many schools districts have purchased expensive resources and technology, yet those systems remain unused because they are cumbersome, complex, and difficult to use.

Useless, shelved, time wasting technology simply aggravates the problem. IHT has been successful in developing the simplest, most robust and cost-effective educational assessment tool in the market today. Contact us to see how IHT can enhance your efforts!