Technology: Transforming the Story of Physical Education

December 3, 2013

Originally published by eSchoolnews

Like the murmur of a bee hive, there’s a buzz spreading through physical education and stakeholders who are involved in preventative healthcare measures across the country. Word on the street is that Interactive Health Technology’s (IHT) “Spirit System” and “PE 3” Curriculum is completely revolutionizing PE IHT-spirit-system-overview - yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Technology: Transforming the Story of Physical Educationclasses and the connection between student health and academic success. Educators, healthcare professionals and policy makers from across the nation have been searching for an answer to the question: how do we empower young people to become self-motivated in managing their health on their own accord for a lifetime, eliminate the “one size fits all” approach to education, connect to parents, while increasing accountability, assessment and evaluation standards?

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