6 Qualities of a Great PE Teacher

Think back to the best teachers you’ve had throughout your life. What are the qualities that made them stand out among the dozens of educators who have crossed your path?

The teachers who fit the criteria as “great teachers” in Physical Education – teachers like John Dunlop – are those who remain intellectually curious and professionally vital both inside and outside the classroom. They maintain an enviable passion for children and the learning process. They remain vivid in the student’s memories forever because of their creativity, sense of fun, compassion, and ability to challenge students to grow and constantly improve.

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IHT Spirit System Customer Testimonial

The Spirit System in Action: A Note From a Valued Customer

Read IHT Spirit System Customer Testimonial.

IHT Spirit System Customer Testimonial. Nothing makes us happier than happy customers (and happy students). We recently linked arms with John Dunlop at Portage Central Middle School to implement the IHT Spirit System schoolwide for every one of his 420+ students. John has been working as a Physical Educator for over 23 years and has helped thousands of students across various age levels build lifelong health and well-being principals during his tenure. As a recent Spirit System customer, John sent us a small note outlining his experience using the system, leveraging its reporting capabilities, and connecting to parents by demonstrating exactly how their kids are performing in his PE classes. Read John’s letter below and feel free to share your thoughts on his experience in the comment section.

Thank you, John.

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Gratitude lessons that teach us to say ‘Thank you’ every day when it comes to our teachers

Dec. 19, 2016 

This weekend, we’ll celebrate Christmas with our friends, families, and loved ones. From all of us at IHT, thank you for all the work you do for kids and their health. For me, this past year has been one of understanding gratitude from so many as we lead up to this day of appreciation. Below are some of the valuable lessons I learned about how the holiday spirit comes year-round when we are impacted by teachers:

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How to Find Funding for your PE Program within the School Budget

Funding to finance comprehensive programs for PE program is not easy. Traditional campus funding that is allocated to PE programs is usually limited. But does it have to be? When administrators develop their budgets each spring for the next school year they have a hard task of deciding what percentage of their budget they will use in each different program area. Continuous pressure on administrators to increase student academic scores on standardized assessments often dictates budget expenditures.

Does that mean that PE budgets are hopelessly left with little or no funding at the end of the process? No! It means that as PE teachers it is our responsibility to demonstrate with data and scientific evidence how the level of fitness and wellness of students correlates to academic achievement. Communication is the key.

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The Fall 2015 Spirit Challenge Comes to a Close!

After a month of heart-racing (no pun intended) competition by hundreds of schools across the country, the Spirit Challenge has finally come to a close. Over 17,000 students participated during the 28-day contest and were able to collectively burn over 6.7 MILLION calories and spend a total of 790 THOUSAND minutes in target heart rate. Truly incredible results and we couldn’t be prouder to inspire and support such a wonderful initiative.

But participating in the Heart Rate Spirit Challenge wasn’t the only way to walk away a winner this fall, we also held a Twitter sweepstakes where schools around the country who do not yet have an IHT Spirit System were able to enter a raffle to win a complete system by tweeting and letting us know that they’ve committed to doing 1 healthy thing this fall. We were overwhelmed with entries and so excited to read everyone’s tweets. We’re also very excited to publically announce the winners of the 2015 IHT Spirit Challenge! Drumroll please…

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