Student Privacy Pledge part of extensive measures taken to insure privacy of data

privacySept. 30, 2016

This summer, IHT became the first fitness wearable company to sign the Student Privacy Pledge, re-emphasizing our commitment to protecting the personal data of students using the IHT Spirit System.

“Protecting the personal data of schools and their students has always been an important aspect of IHT’s mission to empower students through data,” said IHT founder and CEO Ben Bentzin upon the signing. “Taking the Student Privacy Pledge symbolizes IHT’s commitment to protecting our customers and their students.” Read More

flipped classroom

Iowa teacher flips script, empowering students’ role within the classroom

Sept. 13, 2016

One of our teaching partners, Elizabeth Luck, is flipping the script in an effort to get more from her students this year.

The 2013 Iowa Middle School PE Teacher of the Year will require her Oskaloosa Middle School students to take charge of the learning process, designing each day’s lesson and pushing each other to reach her prescribed goal.

“I give them the goal for the day, but they choose how they’re going to meet it,” Luck said. Read More

curriculum resources

Curriculum resources provide teachers new lessons

Sept. 8, 2016

We have updated our curriculum resources for the new school year.

IHT’s new Spirit Curriculum Resources provide teachers with ready-to-use lessons that cut down on prep time and allow for a greater focus on student performance. The lessons tie directly to national outcomes of standard-based learning.

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