Lincoln Elementary School students participating in Kids Heart Challenge

Originally published Nov. 9, 2018 in the Gering Courier.

By Jeff Fielder

Students at Lincoln Elementary School in Gering are participating in a challenge to keep their heart healthy.

Helena Beyer, the American Heart Association’s youth market director for central and western Nebraska, gave a presentation about the Kids Heart Challenge to students at Lincoln Elementary School on Thursday morning. Read More

community support

Fit, Healthy Kids: A Community Challenge

Originally published Jan. 15, 2019 in the Redwood City Climate Online.

By Bill Shilstone

Redwood City may once have been considered the physical fitness capital of the United States, considering the nationally recognized program developed by Frank Griffin at Sequoia High School.

Griffin, who taught physical education at Sequoia from 1920-1960, developed a color-coded, incentive-based ability grouping system, then added an obstacle course that would have challenged Tarzan with its climbing and swinging apparatus in the many campus trees. Physical education teachers came from near and far to study, then copy. The Army, Navy and Marines asked him to design programs to whip their recruits into shape for World War II. Read More

fitness skills

PE Students Demonstrate Ninja Fitness Skills During New Challenge

TV Show-Style Fitness Challenge Motivates Students to Work Together, Stay in Target Heart Rate Zones

Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary (Port Jervis, N.Y.) PE students recently put their heart rate management skills on display for a special audience that included principal Jared Kahmar.

HBE students began wearing IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors at the start of the school year and recently dominated a custom-made American Ninja Warrior-style fitness challenge while learning how their hearts respond during exercise. Read More

Teachers of the Year share common philosophy

Originally published Jan. 15, 2019 in the Herald-Citizen.

By Jim Herrin

The kindergarteners in Caleb Reese’s Physical Education class were clearly excited as they filed into the gym Friday afternoon.

“Walk quietly to the circle,” he instructed them, but for some, the exuberance could not be contained, and they began running to the designated spot.

“Uh-oh. Strike one,” Reese said as he began explaining the exercises they were going to be doing — including classics like jumping jacks and newer innovations called burpees — while also offering encouragement. Read More

How can physical activity help a child do better in school?

Originally published Nov. 5, 2018 by BBC Sport.

By Andy Daly-Smith

Did you know that children are expected to achieve 60 minutes of health-enhancing physical activity every day, 30 minutes of which should occur during school?

Only one in ten achieve the in-school target; only one in five achieve the whole-day target, with many spending at least nine hours sitting every day. Read More