Don’t skip gym: Physical education important to learning, academic success

Originally published June 23, 2018 by WRVO Public Media.

By the WRVO Take Care Staff

With the demand for schools to focus more on academics and less on gym class, many districts in the U.S. have cut back students’ physical education times or eliminated them completely. However, an author and authority on the connection between brain activity and fitness said the two goals of fitness and academic success are not mutually exclusive.

Dr. John Ratey, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and internationally recognized expert on neuropsychiatry, spoke with “Take Care” about the importance of physical exercise on brain development, especially when it comes to adolescents. Read More

Hunter research helping to show how exercise supports academic achievement

Originally published Jan. 4, 2019 in the Newcastle Herald.

By David Lubans

With so much emphasis on academic achievement, it can be difficult for physical activity and sport to gain traction in the school environment.

This is partly due to the misconception that allocating time for students to be active at school will hurt their academic performance. This view is not only disappointing but ill-informed. Read More

Activity program improves students’ physical and emotional well-being

Originally published Jan. 1, 2019 by WCAX-TV.

A nationwide program from The American Heart Association is trying to keep students active in school, and address both their physical and emotional well-being. Chris Martinez shows us how it’s helping get students in Los Angeles on a healthy track for life.

For kids at LA’s Fairburn Elementary School, every morning starts with a workout. Read More

Gym Class Is Dead—But Long Live Physical Education

Originally published Jan. 1, 2019 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

By Ingrid Johnson and Mike Ginicola, Principal Leadership Article

Students emerge from the locker room in their lime-green trainers, knee-high tube socks, black shorts, and white  T-shirt—it’s time for gym class!

By now you’re probably envisioning gym teachers from the many satirical movies that portray physical education class as an environment of jocks versus geeks where only the strong survive. You might even be thinking about your own childhood experiences. In either case, it’s time to end the old-school misconceptions of gym class. Read More