Building Relationships with Department Leaders Essential for Teachers, Administrators Seeking Program Funding

When looking to add heart rate technology to their curriculum, the largest hurdle PE teachers face is often funding. Where will the money come from? What’s the process to request funding?

As a former PE teacher and coordinator, IHT Regional Vice President Eric Larson understands the challenges facing today’s teachers and administrators. With the end of the school year approaching, Larson offered some of the strategies he used to secure funding for different initiatives as a teacher and coordinator at Denver Public Schools:

    • Learn about the different funding options available to purchase PE heart rate technology by researching district, state and federal databases to find available grants;
      • Develop relationships with departmental leaders managing budgets; and
    • Connect with district leadership to create presentations for funding decision-makers.

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Grand Forks teacher raises nearly $40,000 for weight room

Originally published May 14, 2019 in the Grand Forks Herald.

By Bonnie Meibers

The weight room in Elroy Schroeder Middle School was old, outdated and some of the equipment was unsafe to use. Physical education teacher Julie Hegland wanted to change that.

When she couldn’t get funding through traditional channels, Hegland took matters into her own hands. Read More