Volunteers spruce up ‘very old’ building at Bay View High School

Originally published July 29, 2019 by Fox 6 Now.

By Tim Van Vooren

A lot of times, sports is all about teamwork. A couple of groups used that mentality to upgrade a Milwaukee high school’s athletic facilities.

“We are a very old building, a beautiful, old building, and we have a lot of things that are outdated,” said Sandra Peterson, Bay View High School principal.

The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation’s Team-8 Tour and volunteers from UnitedHealthcare put in work to change that. Read More

Change Can Be Good: Modern PE Meets Students’ Needs

Originally published Feb. 17, 2019 in the Enid News & Eagle.

By Mitchell Willetts

On certain days, bugs crawl up and down the gymnasium walls at Monroe Elementary School, and students scramble for balls to throw and smash them. The insects are all just cute projections, splashed onto the side of the gym from coach Christie Buckner’s iPad, via an app originally designed to entertain cats.

Physical education has changed a lot in Buckner’s nearly 30 years of teaching, she said, and it’s a good thing it has. Read More

Spirit Mobile App Keeps PE Students Connected, Motivated to Exercise Away from School

Simon Youth Coast High School Academy (Calif.) teacher Darla Merrill uses the IHT Spirit mobile app to revolutionize the way she runs her PE program.

Many of Merrill’s students come to class just once a week as part of an independent study curriculum, but the teacher requires students to exercise on their own as well as during her class. To remain accountable to Merrill’s assignments and coaching, students use the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor, powered by the IHT Spirit Mobile App. Read More

Kids stay active in summer running club

Originally published July 25 in the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

By Vicky Camarillo

About 15 kids lined up along the bottom of a hill near Cole Park on Ocean Drive Thursday morning, bracing themselves to sprint upward.

Laura Brennan, a volleyball and track coach at Baker Middle School, instructed them to bear crawl halfway up the hill and run the rest of the way. “It’s good — it’s a challenge!” she told the group. Read More

Nonprofit brings yoga to low-income schools to help students de-stress

Originally published July 23, 2019 by Fast Company.

By Eillie Anzilotti

At schools in lower-income areas, students often report greater levels of stress and anxiety. Outside the classroom, students living in poverty may be more exposed to trying situations, from their family struggling to afford housing and food to witnessing substance abuse. These experiences can add up to what’s known as “toxic stress,” which can continue to affect a child’s mental health and well-being for the rest of their lives. Read More