On behalf of IHT, thank you and congratulations to all the teachers who submitted your amazing lesson plans and accompanying videos. Every lesson shared how you are delivering a physical education experience that gets students working hard exercising at an elevated heart rate and provides life lessons that positively impact students while delivering standards-based lessons that can be adapted for all ages and abilities. After five weeks and more than 15,000 views and votes for 16 entrants, the judges had the challenging task deciding which of the many deserving lessons are worthy of "superstar" designation. Lessons were judged on how well they demonstrated the three stripes of a superstar lesson. Voting totals served as tiebreakers in the event judges couldn't choose between lessons. Each of the winning lessons receives four IHT Zone wrist heart rate monitors to be used with the IHT Spirit Mobile app, gear from IHT, and distribution to IHT's world-wide audience in the monthly "Lessons for IHT Spirit" series.


Lessons from a Superstar Winners
Kelly Spreen and Craig MacDerment
Fun, F.I.T.T.ness, and Forever Strong
Shelburne Community School
Champlain Valley School District (Vermont)
Kelly Rich
Running Unit
J.T. Nichols Middle School
Middleborough School District (Massachusetts)
Steve Boone
Fit For Life
Lunenburg High School
Lunenburg Public Schools (Massachusetts)
Andy Pulling
Fun Frisbee Fitness
Portland High School
Portland Public Schools (Michigan)
Kate Muskrat and Allison Rubin
Fitness Friday H.I.I.T
Hampstead Middle School
Hampstead School District (New Hampshire)
Matt Carpenter and Sarah Harding
Fitness Frenzy
Klem Road North Elementary School
Webster Central School District (New York)

Prizes include:

  • Lesson of the Month for IHT Spirit
    • blog profiling winning teachers and describing lesson and its impact on students, video and distribution of lesson plan
  • 4-pack of IHT Zone wrist heart rate monitors for students to use with IHT Spirit Mobile App
  • IHT gear for winning teachers