Interactive Health Technologies Unveil IHT ZONE
A New Solution to Help Schools Keep Pace with the Future of P.E.

PORTLAND, April 5, 2016 – Interactive Health Technologies LLC (IHT) debuted the first heart rate monitoring wrist-based device built specifically for the P.E. classroom, IHT ZONE. As the keystone to IHT’s Spirit System, a comprehensive and easy-to-use, cloud-based curriculum and assessment management tool for K-12 P.E. teachers, the device does away with a one-size-fits-all approach to physical education. Using heart rate training, IHT ZONE enables daily one-on-one teacher coaching attuned to each individual student’s fitness level.

Amidst an obesity epidemic plaguing our nation’s youth where fewer than half of high school students meet the federal standards for physical activity and in the face of an alarming trend of P.E. classes being reduced or eliminated from school curriculums across the U.S., IHT is working to support physical education and encourage kids to get and stay active. The partnership was first announced at CES in January 2015, setting the course for empowering students to take control of their personal fitness.

Stacey Burr, VP and General Manager Digital Sports said “In working with IHT, we found a partner that shared our vision of inspiring the next generation to lead healthy lives by making sport and fitness a life-long pursuit. We’re firm believers that healthy habits are easier to keep the earlier you start, so introducing tools and resources at the school-level offered the perfect place to lay such an important foundation.“

Throughout the development of IHT ZONE for IHT Spirit, IHT to incorporated input from school administrators, students, parents, and educators. The resulting device works with the IHT Spirit System to make it easier for teachers to both manage an entire class and facilitate one-on-one conversations with students. From quick tap-and-go syncing enabled by built-in NFC to student-proof durability as well as all-day performance with enough memory and power to keep up with a busy school schedule, the device is equipped to stand up to the rigorous demands of P.E. classes across the country.

Jen Ohlson, Co-Founder & President of IHT said: “Working with the IHT Spirit System, the IHT ZONE, opens up a whole new playbook for physical education. Through personalized learning, we are giving students the support they need to exercise and reach their own individual potential.”

Since the company’s inception, IHT has pioneered customized curriculums with heart rate monitoring capabilities in middle schools and high schools throughout the U.S. During the 2015 school year, 600,000 children were connected to the IHT Spirit System, a 140% increase in student engagement year over year. With the help of the new IHT ZONE, IHT is on track to hit their 2016 target of daily interactions with one million students nationwide.

IHT is taking orders for the IHT Spirit System with IHT ZONE starting today at with deliveries to schools nationwide in time for back to school.