IHT has a new wearable, and it is designed for students as a way to encourage exercise. Called the IHT Zone, this wearable keeps track of the user’s heart rate and makes the data available in a cloud-based system for PE instructors to access. As such, students are able to see when they raise their heart rate and to what level, while instructors can assess a student’s exertion and better tailor activities to students’ needs.

More than a few fitness wearables have been created for children, and they all aim to tackle childhood obesity and help provide kids with an optimal workout sans injury. The IHT Zone is no different, and makes it easy to see whether a child is “in the zone,” at least in terms of optimal heart rates for their age (and to help tell whether a child needs to rest for a bit).

This particular heart rate tracker will made in partnership with Interactive Health Technologies, which will be selling the wearable through its website once it launches. IHT Zone will work as part of IHT’s Spirit program, a project that awards kids for being active as incentive to get them moving.

According to the IHT website, the IHT Zone wearable features “Tap-N-Go” syncing (that is, NFC) for fast data transfers to coaches, as well as “student-proof durability” able to withstand the abuses an active child may dole out. There’s also the promise of all-day performance, with IHT simply citing sufficient power and memory for a full school day.

Posted on by SlashGear by Brittany A. Roston – Apr 5, 2016