UNK prepares future PE teachers through active learning

Originally published Feb. 21, 2019 in the Kearney Hub.

Forget pull-ups, rope-climbing and all the other stereotypes.

Physical education is much different these days.

It’s not a glorified recess where students establish their dominance during a game of dodgeball, and it’s far more than a set of drills that determine who can run the fastest and jump the highest. Read More

Healthy Berkeley awards grants to Berkeley County teachers

Originally published Feb. 20, 2019 in the Herald-Mail.

By Meg Partington

Healthy Berkeley, a community collaborative headed by WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center that includes several local organizations and volunteer community members, raises funds through the Truffle Shuffle 5K to fund physical-activity grants for Berkeley County schoolteachers.

Healthy Berkeley has awarded more than $6,000 in grants over the last four years, potentially impacting more than 6,600 students. The funding goes to a wide range of equipment that teachers can use for classrooms, and during recess and after-school programs. Read More

UW-La Crosse class provides hands-on experience for aspiring physical education teachers

Originally published Dec. 9, 2018 in the LaCrosse Tribune.

A unique UW-La Crosse class that brings home-schooled, K-12 students to campus is helping to shape future physical education teachers.

Deb Sazama, who directs UW-L’s physical education teaching program, says her class of 16 physical education teaching majors is creating lesson plans and learning opportunities that align with the Society for Health and Physical Educators’ K-12 National Physical Education Standards and Grade Level Outcomes.

They have the opportunity to teach those lessons to the children to enhance their movement skills and knowledge. Read More

Lee Central High School’s Wallace teaches physical education, exceptionally

Originally published Feb. 5 in The Sumpter Item.

By Angela Crosland

Research reveals that physical activity is 4.5 times lower for children and youth with disabilities compared to their peers. That is certainly not the case for Teriann Nash’s class of 11 exceptional students at Lee Central High School.

For 45 minutes each day, physical and drivers education teacher George Wallace leads the students in a rigorous workout catered to their individual physical abilities. For one, it may be standing, for another it may be jumping and yet another it may be moving every part of the body. There are also a few other benefits, says Nash, who teaches the class with the assistance of Melinda Carraway and Patricia Witherspoon. Read More

Elementary school physical education class combines exercise with math, literacy

Originally published Feb. 17, 2019 in the Sioux City Journal.

Liberty Elementary School fourth-grader Devin Robinson flips a die in the air while adding numbers during a PE class taught at the Sioux City school by Corey Loffswold. The class combines elements of math and reading literacy with traditional PE activities. Photo by Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal

By Earl Horlyk

Have you ever wanted to have the stamina of Deadpool and the agility of Spider-Man?

Physical education instructor Corey Loffswold is leading a gymnasium full of fourth-grade Black Panther and Wonder Woman wannabes through the paces at Liberty Elementary School.

“Do you want to look like Hugh Jackman did when he played Wolverine?” Loffswold asked as students referred back to printed exercise plans which showcase calisthenics of famous pop cultural superheroes. “You’ve got to hustle!” Read More