Nov. 30, 2016

Austin – Interactive Health Technologies, LLC CEO Ben Bentzin received the 2016 Technology Community Leadership Award at the Austin IT Executives of the Year reception presented by the Austin Society of Information Management.

BentzinThe Technology Community Leadership Award recognizes excellence in leadership skills and execution in the eyes of the IT staff and the executive management of the organization with a focus on community involvement and service.

“I am grateful to the Austin chapter of the Society of Information Management for honoring me with this award,” Bentzin said. “Jen Ohlson and I co-founded Interactive Health Technologies, LLC with a vision to transform physical fitness for children, and I’m honored that SIM recognizes the contributions that IHT has made toward getting kids active and fit.”

Since its inception in 2011, IHT has grown to become a leader in physical education. “Over the past six years we have developed the IHT Spirit System created the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor,” Bentzin said. “We have remained focused on applying technology to empower kids to self-manage their fitness.”

While this year marks the 19th time the Austin SIM has presented its IT Executives of the Year awards, the Technology Community Leadership Award has not been given out every year. Austin SIM last presented the Technology Community Leadership Award in 2014 to Hugh Forrest, the head of SXSW Interactive. Bentzin became the sixth Technology Community Leadership Award winner.

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About IHT

Founded in 2011, IHT uses its Spirit System software to help teachers across the country track student performance during physical education classes. The system uses heart rate data to provide a detailed fitness report for each individual student. That report is sent to the teacher, the student and the student’s parents after each workout using the Spirit System monitors.

About the Austin Society of Information Management

The Austin chapter of the Society of Information Management meets monthly. Information Technology leadership peers collaborate about trends and best practices in the management and use of IT.