Kat Satterley (green shirt, front row) addressed ESSA funding at the IHT Advisory and Innovation Summit before taking joining other attendees at Esther’s Follies.

July 14, 2016

Originally published by The Champion Initiative

IHT  brought together a dynamic group of talented physical educators, administrators, charitable foundation managers and key influencers in education from across the country for a day of exploring and collaborating to determine the best way to move education forward though data collection, student empowerment, legislation, newly available funds within ESSA and corporate and charitable foundation partnerships.

The goal of the conference is to tap into the expertise of all attendees, and create a strategy that will ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach.

The Champion Initiative, led by founder Kathleen Satterley, presented on the new ESSA act and how to tap into ESSA federal funding in order to support safe and healthy schools, school culture and health and physical education. Kathleen’s philosophy regarding garnering support was summed up in a few words;

“We may hang on to the idea that there is just no time to inspire, that it takes too much time and energy, and people wont respond because they believe it’s just another passing phase, but THIS IS the time, the time for us to push, the time to be creative, the time to have faith, and the time to use the tools and the introduction of ESSA, to not only make waves, but to create a sea of inspiration where our school community feels safe and healthy, is physically active and prepares for the future. A future that requires a mind that incorporates all aspects of the whole individual, and an approach that inspires a voice for all.”

The new Every Student Succeeds Act replaces the term “core subjects” with a “well rounded” education. Officially included in that are Health, Physical Education, the arts, college and career readiness, and career and technical education courses. Funding is available through Title I, II and IV for school wide programs, equipment, professional development and technology. The goals of the Champion Initiative and IHT are similar in that they both strive to unlock the potential of every individual they serve. Kathleen reflected on her summit experience,

“I am honored to be amongst such accomplished professionals in the field of education. Everyone here operates from a place of passion and works tirelessly to serve children through all avenues possible. The Champion Initiative is ready to help catapult schools into true reform where every student, teacher and leader is inspired and excited about being part of community where every person thrives.” 

Kim Scheffler shared, “I am just so inspired. Its so amazing being around people who care so deeply, are so passionate and have so much integrity.”

The Champion Initiative will continue to work with IHT and various stakeholders to push education in the right direction.