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IHT's award-winning and Common Core aligned "PE 3" curriculum and student journal connect daily heart-centered teaching to mind, body, and spirit.

IHT's PE3 Curriculum and Student Journal:

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How the Course is Organized

The organization of “IHT’s PE 3 Course: A heart-centered curriculum optimizing body and mind, connected through spirit”, will guide both you and your students in planning and decision-making towards living an overall fit and healthy lifestyle. Through a purposeful, student-driven, topical approach, students are empowered to observe how their heart rate and cardio-respiratory fitness improve and fluctuate based on the intensity of the activity. They also learn how their nutrition, leadership, group camaraderie and daily habits affect their health, performance, academics, behavior, and self-confidence.  

Optimizing Cardio-Activity - The Spirit System, ZONING, and the Curriculum

The curriculum, optimized by the technology of the Spirit System, can seamlessly evolve and be continuously updated and refined.  It offers an instant connection to lessons, resources, and best practices, as well as a social platform that can connect teachers, students, parents, administrators, and the community.  Every PE class experience allows the teacher to use his or her own individual teaching style and creativity. Collectively, the Spirit System and curriculum create one of the most robust and comprehensive curriculums in the nation for Physical Education. 

Student Journal Workbook

The curriculum and student journal workbook allow students to extend their health literacy beyond the PE classroom and connect to cross-curricular education. The goal is to not only “grow up”, but also to “grow deeper” throughout the semester.

While the Spirit System will help them track their heart’s physical health, your students should think of their journal as a type of “Heart and Mind Aerobics” to keep them focused on their center, helping to point them in the right direction to find and stay on their own unique path to overall health. The student journal and worksheets help to make PE 3 more than just a PE Course, but instead set the course toward health for the rest of their lives. 

Parent and Community Components

A pivotal component of this course is getting parents involved. The family-focused approach to holistic wellness is ripe for innovation, which makes this the perfect course to make big change happen at the family level in regard to health. The bottom line is, children are the key to a family's health habits. They have proven more effective at changing their parents’ eating habits than any corporate wellness program out there. 

Course Methodology and Flow - Ensuring a Balanced Approach

The flaw with many Physical Education curriculums is that they lack innovation, are too structured, haven't adapted to their digital age students, or they don’t assist the teacher enough to optimize the curriculum.  All of these factors lead to a “plateau”, in which both the teachers and students become accustomed to stale routines, resulting in diminished effectiveness.  The Spirit System avoids this by constantly switching things up.  By breaking old routines and opening new doors, teachers and students are constantly supported and challenged with unlimited variations to activities, as well as the ability to add their own individualism.