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The Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) has adopted FitnessGram® as part of a national standard for assessing student health-related fitness. The IHT Spirit System® software enables schools to assess students using PYFP standards including FitnessGram® norms.

  • Collect data in seconds
  • Generate reports with ease from the individual, class, school, district and state levels
  • Customized measures and personalized feedback provide objective, positive reinforcement that is vital to changing behavior

Plus, the Spirit System® can be used for every other aspect of your classroom and assessment needs. You collect fitness testing data 8-10 days a year, why not consider a superior software you can use every day of the year?

Introductory IHT Spirit PYFP/FitnessGram® offer for Daily Fit Log Subscribers

Daily Fit Log subscribers new to IHT qualify for special introductory pricing on their IHT Spirit PYFP/FitnessGram® data collection software. For a first-year price of $149, you will have access to IHT’s entire Spirit System® software solution, which includes:

  • IHT Spirit PYFP/FitnessGram® software: all PYFP/FitnessGram® measures are supported in IHT Spirit software.
  • IHT Assessment Measures software: Customized assessment and reporting software that links national standards and outcomes with academic and Social/Emotional Learning metrics, daily-to-yearly.
  • IHT Spirit Heart Rate software: data collection and reporting software to be used with IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors.
  • Set-up Training: Webinar with an IHT Customer Success Representative to guide you through.
  • Automated Class Roster Management: eliminates manual roster import and updating. Syncs nightly, weekly or monthly via secure FTP connection with your district’s student record system.
  • Total package value is more than $450/year.

*DFL Transition Package pricing is for initial year of IHT Spirit System software for current DFL customers. Package pricing offered through 9/30/2018

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FITNESSGRAM® and Healthy Fitness Zone® are brand names and are trademarked by The Cooper Institute®, Dallas, Texas.