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The Data Collection and Reporting Alternative Designed for You

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) has adopted FitnessGram® as part of a national standard for assessing student health-related fitness. The IHT Spirit System® software enables schools to assess students using PYFP standards including FitnessGram® norms.

  • Collect data in seconds
  • Generate reports with ease from the individual, class, school, district and state levels
  • Customized measures and personalized feedback provide objective, positive reinforcement that is vital to changing behavior

Plus, the Spirit System® can be used for every other aspect of your classroom and assessment needs. You collect fitness testing data 8-10 days a year, why not consider a superior software you can use every day of the year?

IHT Spirit PYFP Software for Daily Fit Log Subscribers

Daily Fit Log subscribers new to IHT can purchase the IHT Spirit PYFP software for $300/year. This includes access to IHT’s entire Spirit System® software solution, which includes:

  • IHT Spirit PYFP/FitnessGram® software: all PYFP/FitnessGram® measures are supported in IHT Spirit software.
  • IHT Assessment Measures software: Customized assessment and reporting software that links national standards and outcomes with academic and Social/Emotional Learning metrics, daily-to-yearly.
  • IHT Spirit Heart Rate software: data collection and reporting software to be used with IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors.
  • Set-up Training: Webinar with an IHT Customer Success Representative to guide you through.

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    FITNESSGRAM® and Healthy Fitness Zone® are brand names and are trademarked by The Cooper Institute®, Dallas, Texas.