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This is the technology solution online physical education has been waiting for.


With the visual, electronic and instant evidence the Spirit System® delivers, accurate accountability for PE is not only possible beyond the gym walls and eyes of a teacher, but can take students, teachers and parents to unlimited possibilities. The IHT Spirit Mobile App allows students to operate the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor from their mobile phones away from school, remaining connected to the coaching, reporting and immediate feedback that drives students to take ownership of their fitness and health.

Through the use of wearable tracking devices, integrated software, curriculum management, journaling, instant feedback and reporting, IHT’s innovation is grounded in improving the overall educational experience and forging meaningful connection of all data between students, parents and schools. Together, we can revolutionize distance learning in the home, virtual community, or the unlimited possibilities education can take a student, wherever they are.

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Running, bicycling, climbing, yoga, skiing, dancing, martial arts, playing baseball, soccer or basketball—all of these great, fun activities can be part of physical education for a virtual school student. That’s because the name of the game in online physical education is flexibility and the ability for students to select and track their own personal fitness activities, no matter what they decide to do or where they decide to do it.

Most online schools offer physical education curriculum with options full of content and guidance that encourage students to select and track their own personal fitness activities. However, teachers have been unable to accurately measure and monitor whether their students are getting the recommended amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity necessary for good health. With the Spirit System®, Physical Education in the virtual world allows students to track their activity anywhere with all data instantly synced and sent to the teacher as soon as they are done through the IHT Spirit Mobile App. A historical record of all data heightens accountability and measurement for all stakeholders.


IHT is committed to our mission of empowering students with the ability to self-manage their health and well-being. To accomplish that, we’ve created the most accurate, easy-to-use, versatile and durable wearable technology products in physical education. Connected to our web-based software, IHT heart rate monitors provide online educators with instant access to their student’s heart rates and levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Like teachers, our job is to not only get results but be able to measure them with precision. We know that the success of that goal depends on the quality of tools being used. Created with purpose in order to track and support it, our digital heart rate monitors allow teachers and students to reach their full potential from kindergarten through graduation day.


It’s time to turn your vision into real change and harness the results and outcomes of your efforts and passion. Those that can be measured. And those measured in ways beyond numbers. Let’s get started and make great things happen.




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