When Kids Move, Learning Happens

IHT + Eduscize’s researched-based curriculum turns ordinary classrooms into fun and engaging learning environments that promote the health and well-being of every child through standards-based kinesthetic learning.

Movement in math, phonics, science, and language learning classes enables a more effective understanding and retention of information, all measured through IHT.

K-5 Lessons Designed for the Workshop Model

IHT + Eduscize results in accelerated student growth in STEM. Students solve problems while heart rates and skill development soar.

72 innovative lessons provide classroom teachers creative ways to teach students counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and more. Students shoot, toss, race and play their way to math success in engaging games.

Improving STEM Skills with Movement

By utilizing the natural link between the brain and the body to maximize learning, IHT + Eduscize improves a student’s foundational STEM skills while improving their resilience through daily physical activity.

Movement-based learning improves critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills while improving retention and memory by empowering students to discover information themselves, deepening the learning process, while students develop high-level 21st century skills.

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