Dream big. Then let IHT help you make it happen.

IHT is dedicated to enriching the personal and professional growth and support for teachers. Your vision is our vision so let us help you identify and seek out funding to purchase the Spirit System® with these easy steps:


The first thing necessary for implementing the Spirit System® into your physical education program is an estimate on what equipment and training will be needed. IHT’s sales and support team can assist you with developing a comprehensive approach for successful program implementation. Contact us below to schedule an online demonstration and pricing quote that meets your needs.

There are many health, education, and technology grants available. Examples include federal and state government grants, private and community foundations, and corporate grants. If you are writing a grant or need assistance identifying funding sources we’re here to help! Since the Spirit System® enhances not only physical education but is also technology based, connects to parents and the community, and correlates back to academic and attendance success, there are multiple ways to locate and allocate funding to enhance all aspects of your school and district-wide PE model.

IHT offers the following kinds of services to assist in your grant submission process:

  • Help with identifying potential funding sources and contacting funding agencies to discuss whether your proposal fits designated priorities.
  • Assistance with writing the grant, i.e., assistance in crafting a proposal that is clear and compelling, targets its audience, and addresses the criteria outlined in the guidelines.
  • Assistance with assembling the application packet, reviewing and providing consultation.


Financing educational technology that is evidenced based and is correlated to physical fitness, academic achievement, school attendance, and parental engagement like the Spirit System®, is available through multiple traditional school funding streams such as: Title I, Title II, Title VI, and District, Campus, Technology, and PE Budgets. To gain access to these funding sources consider inviting an administrator to participate in your online demonstration with a trained IHT representative. If this is not feasible, utilize information provided by IHT and the scientific community to demonstrate how the Spirit System® will facilitate increasing academic achievement and parent engagement as well as physical fitness.


Nontraditional Funding consists of everything from conducting fundraisers, accepting donations, and applying for competitive grants.

Fund Raisers often make educators cringe, and rightfully so. But all fundraisers are not created equal. By thinking outside the box like implementing IHT’s FitFest where you can rent an entire set of IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors for your 5K, you can promote your program and raise funds.

Accepting donations from local businesses is also a great way to leverage funding. Often businesses and local organizations (Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, Sunday School Classes etc.) do not know how they can assist your program. Letting them know the cost per heart rate monitor gives them a tangible way to support you. In addition, having a wide range of community support makes it easier for administrators to say YES to budget requests. Donations are not limited to a specific location. Online sources such as DonorsChoose.org are also lucrative options for funding your physical education program’s needs.

Applying for competitive grants is a longer process. Grants at the local level through school education foundations are a popular means of gaining support for your program. It is also the least competitive, thus your chances for being successful are greatly improved. Grants from organizations such as the United Way and Junior League support education and fitness projects on a regular basis. Larger grants at the state and federal level regularly hold competitions. In addition, local, state and national foundations have numerous opportunities for funding. Contact your school to discuss your local procedures for applying for outside funding.


If you enjoy researching grant opportunities on your own, a few of the major websites are listed below.


It’s time to turn your vision into real change and harness the results and outcomes of your efforts and passion. Those that can be measured. And those measured in ways beyond numbers. Let’s get started and make great things happen.




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