Understanding ESSA Funding


Signed into law in 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act provides more than $1 billion in federal funding every year for state education agencies to deliver to local school districts.

Heart rate technology – including the IHT ZONE heart rate monitors and IHT Assessments – can be purchased using your district’s ESSA funding as part of programs that impact students in any of the following ways as outlined in ESSA Title IV, Part A (the Student Support and Academic Enrichment State Grant):

  1. Provide students with a well-rounded education
  2. Support safe and healthy students
  3. Support the effective use of technology

ESSA Overall Amounts and Spend-by Deadlines

2022-23 Budget Year:

2023-24 Budget Year:

$1.38 billion

$1.40 billion

Spend by Sept. 30, 2023

Spend by Sept. 30, 2024

Resources: ESSA State-by-State Allocations

Visit the following link for to see how much ESSA Title IV, Part A funding has been distributed or budgeted for each state education agency to manage for the next school years.

School Districts That Have Used ESSA Funding for IHT ZONE Monitors

PE class

Irving Independent School District (TX) Coordinator Receives Multiple Grants

McAllen Independent School District (TX) Uses ESSA For Heart Rate Monitors

3 Keys to Requesting ESSA Funding for Your IHT ZONE Purchase

  1. Understand the language of the ESSA guidelines and how your district refers to programs that address student health and wellness.

  2. Become familiar with your district or school improvement plan. Make sure your proposal ties to that in order to increase the chances that your funding application is approved.

  3. Contact your IHT representative for a quote and other key information to include in your proposal.

Accessing Your District’s Federal Funding

In February, 2023, IHT hosted a webinar featuring Arizona Department of Education specialist Keri Schoeff to explain ESSER funding and how teachers can request it to purchase IHT ZONE heart rate monitors.
Understanding ESSA Funding
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Understanding ESSA Funding
Resources to help you request ESSA funding to purchase IHT ZONE heart rate monitors for your student wellness programs.
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