Written and Directed by IHT Co-Founder, Jen Ohlson, "Health Needs a Hero" is a powerful, inspirational documentary that takes an in-depth look at the root of the issues surrounding the childhood obesity epidemic, the solutions to reverse the trends and a call-to-action for each of us to take personal responsibility in bringing about positive change. Narrated by Academy Award Nominee Edward James Olmos and told through the heart of Ashley Castoreno, a recent graduate of an inner-city San Antonio, Texas high school, who proves that one person really can make a difference.

This is the condensed 58 minute "Student Version" of the film "Health Needs a Hero" written and directed by IHT Co-Founder, Jen Ohlson.  It has accompanying Student Worksheets, Teacher Overview of Lessons, and Pledge Page Instructions. Please download them here or request them at

Health Needs a Hero Film from IHT Spirit System® on YouTube.