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Elementary Students Put Fitness Skills on Display in Teachers’ Ninja Warrior Challenge

Students at Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School (Port Jervis, N.Y.) gave their teachers new insight into their athletic abilities during last year’s Warrior Kids Heart Challenge. Teachers Jon Foley and Nicole

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Personalized PE Motivates Students with Positive, Successful Experiences

By personalizing outcomes for each student, PE teachers have helped more students find positive experiences and the motivation to keep working to improve their overall fitness. “You talk about differentiation

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Spirit Mobile App Keeps PE Students Connected, Motivated to Exercise Away from School

Simon Youth Coast High School Academy (Calif.) teacher Darla Merrill uses the IHT Spirit mobile app to revolutionize the way she runs her PE program. Many of Merrill’s students come

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Early-Morning Heart Rate Training Programs Prepare Students for Academic Success

Teachers find students who complete at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise before school are more ready to meet their toughest academic challenges. By studying the physiology of brain development

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Heart Rate Reports Give Parents Personalized Insights to Children’s PE

Physical education teachers are finding allies as they strive to motivate students to become more active outside of their classrooms. Emails sent by the IHT Spirit System immediately following a

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Using PE Heart Rate Data to Create a More Student-Friendly Curriculum

Data from the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors his students wear during their PE classes will help Hudson High School (Iowa) teacher Sean Leonard improve his curriculum for the