US-Capitol-Building-SunsetAt IHT, our goal is to help ensure physical educators deliver a curriculum that achieves programming excellence, resulting in a nation of self-empowered, fit and healthy students who are more energized, focused and ready to learn. We believe the only way to achieve excellence is through the implementation of a measurement-based strategy focusing on process improvement. The IHT Spirit System is the only program available that enables teachers to measure all components of their curriculum at the student, classroom, district and state levels.

 IHT co-founder Jen Ohlson regularly meets with and presents the mission of IHT to physical education leaders throughout the US. Her focus is to share our vision of empowering children to self-manage their own health while helping teachers better manage their classrooms, software utilization, and profession development. Click on the state flag below to learn more about how IHT helps each state association measure the success of its physical education program.