On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Interactive Health Technologies, LLC (IHT) will celebrate its tenth year partnering with schools to teach children to take ownership of their health and wellness.

Developed specifically for use in education, IHT’s latest heart rate monitor – the IHT ZONE – works in both on-campus and online learning environments. Formed by Jen Ohlson and Ben Bentzin in 2011, IHT’s heart rate solutions provide schools with technology proven to teach students how to manage both physical fitness and emotional wellness.

“When Ben and I founded IHT in 2011, we made a commitment to never waver from our purpose to empower children and young adults to take ownership of their health and wellness,” Ohlson said. “We have been fortunate to work with some of the most forward-thinking and passionate educational leaders in the world. We’ve learned along with them and, in turn, we have created some of the best products, resources, and professional development tools in education for physical education, mental health, and social-emotional learning enhancement programs.”

Motivated by her “Health Needs a Hero” documentary that followed a San Antonio, Texas, teenager’s journey to fitness, Ohlson teamed up with Bentzin to develop a heart rate-focused system that could be utilized in school wellness programs. Ten years later, the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor has become the top-selling heart rate monitor in public education.*

IHT’s technology, originally designed for health and physical education, has become an essential tool to help students manage their emotional health. Heart rate is a primary indicator of stress and anxiety. A heart rate monitor helps students see when their heart rate doesn’t match their activity level, helping them to learn strategies to self-manage their emotions.

“What we’ve seen has been significant,” Littleton Public Schools (Colo.) Director of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Services Nate Thompson said. “The progress these students made was life-changing for them. The students who were able to do this and make their monitors change color feel so proud of their ability to do that. This has real meaning for the kids and families who are using it, and for the staff as well.”

The NBC Today Show featured Littleton Public Schools’ emotional wellness program that includes the IHT ZONE. 

For more information about Interactive Health Technologies and the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor, please click here.

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    IHT Celebrates 10th Anniversary as Top-Selling Education Heart Rate Monitor
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    IHT Celebrates 10th Anniversary as Top-Selling Education Heart Rate Monitor
    As it turns 10 years old, IHT celebrates its origins and evolution to help students manage both physical and emotional wellness.
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