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NBC Today Show: Elementary school using technology to teach students about emotional health

By IHT Spirit|January 6th, 2020|IHT News, Press, Social-Emotional Learning|

Originally published Jan. 4, 2020 by NBC Today Weekend. Students at East Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado, are wearing heart rate monitors to learn about their emotions and how to respond to them in healthy

San Bernardino Sun: This San Bernardino high school is changing the way students approach PE

By IHT Spirit|November 23rd, 2019|IHT News, IHT Spirit System, Shared Content|

Originally published Nov. 22, 2019 in The Sun. By Brian Whitehead As uptempo music blares inside Arroyo Valley High’s gymnasium, Scott Smith weaves through lines of underclassmen doing push ups, jumping jacks and other cardiovascular