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Sept. 19, 2017, Austin, Texas – Interactive Health Technologies®, LLC, announces the release of the new IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use, the next step in personalizing physical education by connecting users with heart rate data.

The free IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use enables users to connect with the IHT Spirit System® outside of the traditional school confines. Through the new app, students participating in distance learning or remote physical education classroom settings maintain the crucial connection to coaching from their teacher or trainer while completing assignments and activities on their own schedule. IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness users begin and end exercise sessions with the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor from their phones.

“The IHT Spirit Mobile App enables schools to provide students with valuable, structured physical education on their own schedules while maintaining the coaching and accountability students receive in a traditional PE setting,” said IHT Co-Founder and President Jen Ohlson. “The new mobile app reinforces healthy behavior and motivates future activity while continuing to provide each student with consistent, immediate feedback and support.”

“T Zone and IHT Spirit Mobile App frees physical education from the limitations of the school timetable,” said Kim Scheffler, Director-Digital Sports. “By making the IHT Spirit System individually accessible outside of the school, students are motivated, inspired and empowered to cultivate the habits that lead to lifelong health and fitness.”

IHT developed the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor, which made its debut in schools in the 2016-17 school year. By capturing student heart rate data with the IHT ZONE and analyzing that data, the IHT Spirit System® Assessment Software provides students with a report of each individual workout, connecting them with vital information that can help them develop the intrinsic exercise habits that serve them beyond graduation.

The IHT Spirit Mobile App is a free download available in both the iOS APP store and the Google Play store.

About IHT

Designed to bring personalized learning through Physical Education classes, the IHT Spirit System® empowers teachers to inspire ownership of health in students utilizing heart rate data and software designed specifically for use in schools. For more information, visit www.ihtusa.com or emai, Jen Ohlson, IHT co-founder and president.

For More Information About The IHT Spirit Mobile App for Individual Fitness Use

IHT President and Co-Founder Jen Ohlson can be reached at jen@ihtusa.com.