Q: What is the greatest student success you’ve seen since your students started working with the IHT ZONE heart rate monitors?

A: I have enjoyed watching them become more independent with the process and also starting to identify what their graphs are telling them. This tells me they are paying closer attention and starting to identify different phases of a workout and what influences their heart rates. It has been interesting to watch them respond to recovery times and hear them have conversations with me or classmates about outside influences that might affect their heart rates.

Q: What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish with/for your students during the next year?

A: My biggest hope is to become better about students reflecting on their results in a more timely manner – for example, using the journal feature within the email they receive. Also for students being able to identify what was happening as far as timing of heart rate changes, etc. We have taken baby steps toward that but I would like to improve in that aspect.

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    In their own words: Andi Ludwig, Mason City High School
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    In their own words: Andi Ludwig, Mason City High School
    Mason City High Schools Andi Ludwig shares her IHT ZONE accomplishments and goals.
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