Q. What is the greatest student success you’ve seen since your students started working with the IHT ZONE heart rate monitors?

Betsy Luck

A: I think the greatest success is the fact that our students are now understanding what it feels like to be in a health-enhancing level of activity. They understand that different activities will help them in different ways. Going on a walk with friends is a great way to move but how much does that increase your heart rate where going and playing a game of Ultimate with your friends will help your body in a different way. I see students all of the time glancing at their monitors to see what level they are in and then changing what they are doing to get or stay in the Healthy Fitness Zone.

Q. What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish with/for your students during the next year?

A: Continuing to move forward with the idea of having our students take the lead in creating activities that can be done inside or outside of class that help them increase their cardiovascular level. Have students use the SHAPE National Standards to create a workout plan for themselves or a group of students with the goal being that the activity will keep them in the HFZ for the majority of the activity.

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