Q: What is the greatest student success you’ve seen since your students started working with the IHT ZONE heart rate monitors?
A: Having the heart rate monitors on my students has had an enormous impact on the overall effort from all of my students.  When they are wearing the monitors, they begin moving right away so they can accomplish the goal I have set for them.  In some of my classes, there is an on-going competition to see who can log the most amount of minutes in the moderate-to-vigorous zone.  It’s amazing to see how into their own fitness they are when they have the monitors on.  They have 100% bought in to accomplishing a high level of fitness and have taken their own efforts up to levels I haven’t seen in my first 24 years of teaching.  The accountability each student has with the monitors is truly a game-changer for my classes.  I don’t have to be the motivator all the time now, the heart rate monitors have all the motivation they need and the instant feedback each child receives is really helpful.
Q: What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish with/for your students during the next year?
A: The most important thing I want my classes to achieve going forward is to match that same level of intensity they have when they aren’t wearing the monitors because when they have them on, the effort is off the charts.  It’s a work in progress but I know they will get there!

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