The Iowa Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (IAHPERD) has partnered with IHT to create a multi-year strategy to aggregate and unify data collection in order to measure the effectiveness of participating PE programs. A key goal is to establish consistent standards across the state. The initiative also provides teachers a flexible, customizable data collection instrument for their own unique data collection needs that empowers students and connects the whole child from the physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of each student's life.



Teachers participating in the IAHPERD Statewide Data Collection effort will be evaluating students according to grade level outcomes. Teachers in grades K-2 will collect data on locomotor development. Teachers in grades 3-12 will collect data measuring cardiovascular endurance. The K-2 students will be measured to establish the link between locomotor development and academic success. Students in grades 3-12 will test their endurance based on the 20-Meter Shuttle Run.

Teachers use the Spirit System to assess student performance several times each semester. Results are rolled up to a state level. IHT gives teachers the opportunity to help students reach their full potential while creating customized data collection and reporting that incorporates Fitnessgram® data, heart rate to objectively measure moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, social-emotional learning and academic performance.

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Phase I of IAHPERD's data collection effort began in February 2017 and continues through June 2017. Phase II will begin in September 2017. Participating teachers will submit school-level reports to IAHPERD's data collection coordinators. IAHPERD will evaluate the reports over the summer and release a new set of goals for the fall semester in time for the 2017-18 school year. Data will be collected inside the IHT Spirit software and used to help establish consistent standards that PE teachers across the state can use to measure student progress.


IAHPERD's statewide campaign has a goal of collecting and utilizing data to establish consistent grade-level outcomes that can be adopted across the state. As of February 2017, Iowa's State Department of Education had not established guidelines for the state's physical education curriculum. IAHPERD's first objective is to provide participating PE teachers and the Iowa Department of Education with metrics and the ability to record and report data that can show the value of consistent, quality physical education.

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