May 3, 2016

Published in the Thirteen Towns, Fosston, Minn.

“Thanks to a generous donation by the Fosston/Lengby Lions Club, the Fosston High School Physical Education Department is closer to purchasing 30 IHT Zone Heart Rate Monitors,” Fosston High School Physical Education Teacher Ben Hemberger says.


FHS Physical Education Teacher Ben Hemberger receives a $640 donation from Fosston/Lengby Lions Vice President David Burggraf to help purchase heart rate monitors. Photo courtesy of Thirteen Towns

The new monitors are compatible with the IHT Spirit Heart Rate monitoring system the school already uses.

“The noticeable difference with the IHT Zone devices versus the old ones is where they are worn,” he said. “Our current devices are chest straps that are worn under the shirt at chest level with direct skin contact. They can be very uncomfortable and invasive to many of our students. The IHT Zone devices are worn on the wrist and are no bigger than a watch or a Fitbit.”

The IHT Zone uses “cloud” technology to store and share student’s data with not only their teacher, but also with the student and parent instantly as soon as the data is uploaded. The software has the capability to track students from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade.

FosstonpaperMay3During the first semester of this school year, Fosston High School Physical Education ranked 17th in the nation in usage of the IHT Spirit System. More importantly, FHS High School Physical Education also ranked 17th in the nation in the amount of time spent in the “moderate to vigorous” heart rate zones.

“The IHT Zone Heart Rate Monitors will take our kids and Physical Education Department to a whole new level,” Hemberger said. “This results in a positive effect on overall health and increased academic performance of our students in all their classes.”

The Fosston-Lengby Lions would also like to challenge the Fosston Rotary Club as well as the Fosston Sportsman’s Club to match their donation!