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The simplest, most innovative web-based heart rate monitor, pedometer, assessment and curriculum solution in the educational market today. In fact, it's the only one.
The Spirit System stands in a class by itself as the only technology in the educational market that brings all data together into one program. When thinking about your evaluation, grading, grant requirements, pre and post testing, state and federal mandates or educating and engaging parents...what evidence do you have? 
Now, it's at your fingertips with everything the Spirit System offers:

Wearable Technology: The simplest heart rate monitor ever developed, uploadable pedometers 

Students wear a simple, intuitive heart rate monitor in PE class. Students may also utilize a pedometer, as the system captures several technology aspects. Once class ends, their data is instantly and effortlessly transmitted into each student’s personal wellness portfolio that builds day-by-day and year-by-year.  Their data is also aggregated with the entire class, school and district data.  Students' and parents can receive an email summary of their workout as soon as class ends to measure and track their own progress and success. 

Software: web-based to support unlimited data points

Our web-based software supports unlimited students, districts, organizations and residents from all walks of life, ensuring long-term efforts are positively impacting each individual’s health and academic success, from grade school to graduation.  By the time 3rd graders utilizing the Spirit System graduate, they'll have 9 years of their entire health history in one place. It also correlates to attendance and academic success, increasing the efforts of a district-wide health model for all stakeholders.

PE 3 Curriculum and Student Journal: "PE 3" is PE for the mind, body and spirit

Our IHT PE 3 Course was so successful in reducing obesity, while integrating "whole child" education, connecting to parents and the community, in May 2010, the Texas Education Agency approved PE 3 as an official elective course available to every high school in Texas, declaring "it was the way all PE should be taught."  In January 2011, the Department of State Health Services awarded PE 3 its highest honor for “Excellence for Effectiveness in School Physical Education”.  The course has now been aligned to national PE and technology standards as well as Common Core standards. It includes project-based, progressive, cross-curricular materials such as scientifically researched lessons, an interactive student journal, nutrition integration, and parent and community engagement opportunities. Teachers have access to a massive library of research-based lesson plans and resources all at their fingertips for a complete teacher management system.  Coupled with the Spirit System technology, it welcomes all students and schools nationwide looking to participate in a results-oriented, challenging, student-driven and purposeful PE program that optimizing heart rate training and 21st century teaching and learning. 

Superior Customer, Technical and Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on our superior customer support from day one of implementation to ongoing, long term milestones.  Through training, logistical preparation and ongoing technical and customer support we ensure success for each teacher and each school, while building partnerships with key stakeholders within each school district to service their unique needs and goals. 

Collateral Material and Complimentary Assets:

The Spirit System is enhanced with full resolution, high quality heart rate charts and collateral material to make the most of your teaching while in the classroom setting.  We also offer accessory products to help optimize the entire system. 

Contact us today to learn how the Spirit System and PE 3 Course can transform your school and district!