AUSTIN, TX, Dec. 12, 2011 – Interactive Health Technologies, LLC (IHT), an Austin-based technology company specializing in digital fitness systems that empower children and their families to improve their physical fitness, is the first U.S. company to use the Sony NFC Dynamic Tag (FeliCa Plug) embedded product in its Spirit System. The IHT Spirit System is now available to schools across America.

The IHT Spirit System engages students and their supporters (parents, teachers, administrators and the community), in a comprehensive fitness system that inspires children to measurably increase their physical activity.

The IHT Spirit System works with the Sony NFC Dynamic Tag (FeliCa Plug) to simplify and streamline classroom management for teachers and enhance the overall PE experience for students. With just a tap of the Spirit Heart Rate Monitor with an embedded NFC Dynamic Tag on the Sony NFC Reader, the student’s exercise information is automatically transferred to and tracked on the Spirit System through NFC/FeliCa contactless communication. The system effectively measures each student’s cardio activity allowing educators to evaluate the student’s physical activity and endurance. The IHT Spirit system is available with a comprehensive curriculum approved by the state of Texas.

Jen Ohlson, Founder of Interactive Health Technologies says, “The crisis of childhood obesity we collectively face in our nation demands innovative, new solutions. The IHT Spirit System with Sony NFC Dynamic Tag uses technology to motivate children to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, a PE and fitness model for the 21st Century.”

“Sony NFC Dynamic Tag has been proven in the Japanese market with various healthcare, wellness and fitness devices and perfectly fits into the management of PE curriculum,” said Susumu Sone, Senior Manager for Marketing and Business Development of NFC/FeliCa at Sony Electronics. “Working together with IHT, Sony is committed to providing an NFC-based solution to meet a variety of healthcare management requirements in the U.S. market.”

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About Sony FeliCa technology and NFC Dynamic Tag

Sony’s contactless smart card technology “FeliCa” is widely deployed in various form-factors including cards, mobile phones and other electronics devices. Sony NFC Dynamic Tag (FeliCa Plug) is a FeliCa wireless module with a cable interface to enable data transmission between NFC reader/writers and other electronic equipment/gadgets such as healthcare/wellness devices, fitness devices, etc. and can emulate NFC Forum Type 3 Tag. With benefits such as low current consumption, cost efficiency and magnetic field detection function, it’s been implemented in various healthcare, wellness, and fitness devices. More information about FeliCa technology and NFC Dynamic Tag is available at