March 23, 2017 – What a week in Boston! For those who managed to beat Stella and get to Boston for SHAPE, it was – as always – an incredible week.

The importance of capturing heart rate data to assess PE performance, something that IHT has been perfecting since 2011, proved to be a major topic of discussion each day. As our partners have found, the combination of the IHT Zone wrist heart rate monitor and accompanying Spirit HRM and Assessment Measures software puts students, parents and teachers in touch with a personalized heart rate summary immediately after class, allowing everyone more time to digest that vital information.

SHAPEBy the end of the conference, nearly 200 attending teachers and PE enthusiasts had a chance to test out the IHT Zone monitors in action and view the graph that appears on the teacher’s PC when students return their monitors after use. A number of presentations included demonstrations and explanations of how the IHT Zone and the IHT Spirit System® work in tandem to quickly put vital data in the hands of students, teachers and parents. Conference attendees got started with the Zones early by participating in Foundational Fitness’ early morning exercise sessions and also saw the Zone in action during a demo with DrumFit.

Congratulations Doug, SHAPE MS teacher of the Year!

During Friday night’s Hall of Fame Dinner, SHAPE named Draper Middle School (Mohonasen, N.Y.) P.E. teacher Doug Hallberg the national Middle School PE Teacher of the Year for 2017.

SHAPEDoug has been a driving force both in his classroom and as an IHT Partner. Known for his innovative coaching techniques and passion for bringing the best effort out of his students, Doug was part of the team that traveled to Germany to help develop the IHT ZONE for wrist heart rate monitor that has been so popular among PE teachers and students across the country.

Congratulations, Doug, on this well-deserved honor.

Thank you Brandon Wolff!

With winter storm Stella threatening to blanket the northeast with mountains of snow, many who had planned on attending SHAPE couldn’t make it. IHT had several team members who couldn’t get to Boston due to weather-related cancellations, but for those who did, one teacher provided some much-needed support.

Brandon Wolff, attending SHAPE as from Maize South (Kansas) Middle School, spent almost all of his time in Boston in the IHT Booth, from set-up to daily sessions talking about his experiences with IHT’s Spirit System® and helping other interested teachers understand how the system helps students learn to take control of their physical fitness and well-being, developing healthy habits that will benefit them as they grow.