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School Finding Social-Emotional, Academic Benefits from Morning Exercise Programs

Morning Programs Will Use IHT ZONE Heart Rate Monitors to Boost Physical Fitness While Improving Academic Competencies and Connection to School

An early-morning fitness club using IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors helps elementary students stay on task throughout the day.

Goose Bay Elementary School (Wasilla, Alaska) PE teacher Nancy Blake has overseen her school’s Early Morning Movers program, which uses exercise to push them to reach their target heart rate zones. Her goal is to send them into the school day invigorated and ready to learn. Read More

Elementary school physical education class combines exercise with math, literacy

Originally published Feb. 17, 2019 in the Sioux City Journal.

Liberty Elementary School fourth-grader Devin Robinson flips a die in the air while adding numbers during a PE class taught at the Sioux City school by Corey Loffswold. The class combines elements of math and reading literacy with traditional PE activities. Photo by Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal

By Earl Horlyk

Have you ever wanted to have the stamina of Deadpool and the agility of Spider-Man?

Physical education instructor Corey Loffswold is leading a gymnasium full of fourth-grade Black Panther and Wonder Woman wannabes through the paces at Liberty Elementary School.

“Do you want to look like Hugh Jackman did when he played Wolverine?” Loffswold asked as students referred back to printed exercise plans which showcase calisthenics of famous pop cultural superheroes. “You’ve got to hustle!” Read More

Middle School yoga class stretches beyond physical education requirements

Originally published Feb. 4, 2019 in

By Daniel Clifton

The girls streamed into Marble Falls Middle School teacher Trenton DeSpain’s classroom, bringing with them all of the worries seventh-graders carry, some more serious than others.

“Some of the things they worry about are why this person or that person didn’t talk to them, but some of the things they deal with are a lot bigger,” DeSpain explained. Read More

How can physical activity help a child do better in school?

Originally published Nov. 5, 2018 by BBC Sport.

By Andy Daly-Smith

Did you know that children are expected to achieve 60 minutes of health-enhancing physical activity every day, 30 minutes of which should occur during school?

Only one in ten achieve the in-school target; only one in five achieve the whole-day target, with many spending at least nine hours sitting every day. Read More

Don’t skip gym: Physical education important to learning, academic success

Originally published June 23, 2018 by WRVO Public Media.

By the WRVO Take Care Staff

With the demand for schools to focus more on academics and less on gym class, many districts in the U.S. have cut back students’ physical education times or eliminated them completely. However, an author and authority on the connection between brain activity and fitness said the two goals of fitness and academic success are not mutually exclusive.

Dr. John Ratey, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and internationally recognized expert on neuropsychiatry, spoke with “Take Care” about the importance of physical exercise on brain development, especially when it comes to adolescents. Read More