Adding PE Heart Rate Monitors Makes Health Students More Active

Fort Lupton (Colo.) Middle School teacher Lindsay Yost uses P.E. heart rate monitors to maximize the effort her students put forth during activity breaks in her health classroom.

The once-and-future physical education teacher and mountain biking champion gets her health students up for several activity breaks and active-learning sessions during her 42-minute class period. Yost uses a variety of tools to make sure students take any opportunity to maintain or even improve their fitness levels.

“I’ve missed being active,” she said, sensitive to what students feel after being in a classroom period after period. “It’s interesting, too. My own fitness levels have declined because I’m in the classroom all day.” Read More


On the move: elementary school students thrive under new PE program

Originally published Feb. 6, 2018 in the News-Review.

By Tricia Jones For The News-Review

Short whistle blasts spear the winter air surrounding the Eastwood Elementary School playground on a recent Monday afternoon. Silence falls as heads swing toward physical education teacher Brad Hirsch, who is holding up a timer at the front of a starting line.

“Remember! You are not racing against each other,” Hirsch shouts. “You’re all racing against — what?”

“Time!” respond a dozen or so voices.

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Helping students stay active

Originally posted Nov. 23, 2017 in the Michigan City News-Dispatch.

By BEN DAVIS – Staff Writer

MICHIGAN CITY — For the second straight school year, Saint Stanislaus Kostka is implementing programming designed to help students stay healthy.

The school is partnering with Franciscan Health Michigan City and other local health and wellness agencies to help their students stay active and fit both in and out of school.

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