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JeffCo PE students use heart rate monitors to master healthy habits

Teacher works with school district, technology partner to navigate new legislative guidelines

“I relate the use of [heart rate monitors] in physical education to Chromebooks for classroom teachers,” said Everitt Middle School (Colo.) physical education teacher Bradley Hull. “It is absolutely essential for instruction. My number one philosophy as a PE teacher is for students to take what they learn in class outside of class so they can become lifelong movers.”

Last summer, the Colorado legislature passed the Student Data Transparency and Security Act, a law that requires technology companies to meet specific conditions before a school can partner with them. For Hull, the change meant he had to immediately stop using heart rate monitors he’d already purchased. When the company Hull originally partnered with failed to receive approved vendor status, the teacher had to find another company whose security practices met the state’s standards. Read More


Hallway hustle helps Physical Education students keep heart rate up

Students focused on heart rate training during physical education often break one of the longest-standing rules in education: no running in the school hallways.

The students mean no disrespect to authority. They just don’t want to let their heart rate drop during a class session, even if they have to excuse themselves.

“The other day a kid had to go to the bathroom, and our principal came running into the weight room,” said Ridge View (Iowa) High School P.E. teacher Justin Kinney. “He asked if there was an emergency, and I said, ‘No, why?’ And he pointed out that student and said, ‘Well, he was just sprinting through the lunch room and we were worried and thought something might be wrong.’ Well, he was running because he wanted to get back to his workout so he could keep his heart rate up.” Read More


Students Develop Lifetime Skill of Exercising at an Elevated Heart Rate

Students can maximize the health benefits of physical education by maximizing the time they spend exercising at an elevated heart rate during class.

Wearable fitness devices provide users with a wealth of information ranging from heart rate to steps to calories burned during exercise. In partnership with adidas, IHT developed its wrist-based heart rate monitor – the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit – specifically for school use.

Throughout a physical education class workout, a student can see their individual heart rate and the heart rate zone (resting, moderate or vigorous) in which they are exercising. Immediately following the workout, students receive an email showing their heart rate data, including a calculation of minutes spent exercising at an elevated heart rate, a key tenet of the Centers for Disease Control’s guide to adolescent fitness. Read More


Students can make up missed P.E. time with IHT Spirit App

Physical education teachers faced with dwindling class time can expand their programs and recapture lost exercise time by integrating the IHT Spirit Mobile App into their use of the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors.

Developed and released in September 2017, the IHT Spirit Mobile App enables teachers using the adidas Zone wrist HRMs to stay connected as students make up missed assignments or take on new assignments outside of their normal P.E. classes. While it’s inherently easier for classroom teachers to assign and verify completion of make-up assignments, physical educators have struggled.

“It used to be that we’d send home a piece of paper with an assignment to make up and they’d sign it saying they did the workout, but you don’t really know,” said Riverton, Wy. P.E. teacher Mike Bradley. Read More

Maury River MS adds IHT Spirit System to individualize PE for students

June 2, 2017 – Maury River Middle School (Lexington, Va.) aims to change the way Virginia schools engage students through physical education.

Beginning this summer and into the new school year, Maury River students will be the first in Virginia to utilize technology that puts them directly in touch with their heart rate data. The school has purchased several sets of adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors along with IHT’s Assessment Measures software to be used during a summer program and then during PE classes when the year begins.

MauryWith childhood obesity becoming a major epidemic in our country, we saw the need to adapt our curriculum to what our children need most…individualized instruction that meets every student at their own fitness level,” said Maury River Middle School PE Teacher Vicki Black. “IHT adidas Zone heart rate monitors will allow us to connect our PE classrooms and students with the modern world of fitness technology.” Read More