Recess on rebound as states recognize academic benefits

Originally published July 31, 2019 in Education Dive.

By Shawna De La Rosa

Recent research proves physical activity improves students’ brain function, and rather than cutting it for better test scores, some states are now requiring it. And with the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaced No Child Left Behind, a mandate for more well-rounded education and a scaling back of strict assessment accountability is seeing the arts, physical education and other subjects move back into the spotlight.

But recess, which is considered “unstructured physical activity and play,” is not the same as physical education, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends students are allowed at least 20 minutes of recess per day at the elementary school level. Read More

No April Fools’ Day here

Originally published March 30, 2019 in the Log Cabin Democrat.

By Hilary Andrews

Students across the state will soon be enjoying more break times during their school days thanks to a new law Arkansas’ governor will sign on Monday.

House Bill 1409, sponsored by Rep. Jana Della Rosa, who is serving her third term, was filed in early February for this year’s state legislative session. The proposal suggested requiring elementary schools across the state to provide at least 40 minutes of recess for its students. Read More