Bringing more kids along for the ride: Donations fund bicycle program

Originally published March 21, 2019 in The Daily Republic.

By Wendy Royston

Inspired by unexpected gifts and a decline in the number of bicycles outside local elementary schools, a local couple put the wheels in motion for Mitchell students to learn how to ride.

“This will hopefully inspire them to get outside, exercise and socialize with their friends,” Al Bainbridge said Monday as he and coworkers at custom motorcycle company Klock Werks assembled 54 bicycles that will be donated to Mitchell’s three public elementary schools today. Read More


It’s not about the bike, it’s about how far it can take Tri-City students

Originally published Aug. 5 in the Tri-City Herald.

By Cameron Probert

There is a saying Mike Watkins cribbed from Ed Ewing with the Cascade Cycling Club.

“It’s not about the bike. It’s about where the bike can take you,” Watkins repeats.

A soft-spoken man with a hint of a southern accent, the physicist turned cycling teacher wants to instill that lesson to students across the Tri-Cities, starting with a group of about 30 middle school students at Stevens Middle School.

Read More