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Adams County teen develops, runs free PE program for underprivileged kids

Originally published July 24, 2017 in YourHub, a Denver Post publication.

By Megan Mitchell

Photos by Kathryn Scott, YourHub

Every Tuesday and Thursday right after lunch, a couple dozen kids who live near Twin Lakes in south Adams County trickle through the front doors of the Pearl Mack Community Center and head to a large meeting room to help Alex Aleman set up for class.

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DENVER, CO – JULY 18: Alex Aleman, 18, directs his Healthy Kids in Action class at the Perl Mack Community Center on July 18, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Aleman launched the class himself several years ago and volunteers his own time to run the free physical education class twice a week. He even recently ran a fundraising campaign to buy some more equipment to use during the class. (Photo by Kathryn Scott/The Denver Post)

Chatter and teen banter fills the room. But as soon as Aleman, 18, begins a lesson, all talk stops, and the youths crowd around him, listening intently as he describes the activities planned for the next hour.

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