Protecting Personal Student Data a Top IHT Priority

Companies that collect personal information of online consumers must remain vigilant and responsible in safeguarding that data.

Through its partnerships with schools across the world that use the Spirit System, Interactive Health Technologies collects personal information on students. Understanding the importance of securely storing the data, IHT takes several key steps to safeguard the data including but not limited to:

  • Store data on a secure, U.S.-based servers
  • Collect and store data for school purposes only
  • Sign the Student Privacy Pledge, strengthening its commitment to data protection

For schools who use the Spirit System, which includes the IHT Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors, IHT collects heart rate data, analyzes it and delivers immediate feedback to students about their just-completed P.E. workout. The data personalizes the workout for each student and delivers a report specific to each student’s performance via email immediately following the session. The system sends the report only to the student, the parents (if they opt to receive the report) and the teacher. Read More

Who has your data? And what are they doing with it?

Originally published June 6, 2018 by

By Melissa Walker

Swipe your loyalty card at the grocery store, and all of those purchases are now tracked.

Browse for an item on a company’s website, and the next time you’re on your computer, an ad will likely show up for that product or another from that company.

Track your food and exercise in a fitness program, and that program will suggest workouts or recipes based upon what you’ve previously done. Read More