Teacher Combines Funding Sources to Add PE Heart Rate Monitors to Curriculum

Elementary Students Display Improved Performance, Increased Attention to Exercise Habits

By pairing funding from his local education foundation with technology department funding, Lincoln (St. Charles, Ill.) Elementary School PE teacher Will Navis added key fitness tools to his program.

Looking to purchase a class set of IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors along with the IHT Spirit System assessment software to enhance student motivation in class, Navis needed close to $5,000. He just didn’t know where he’d find it in one place. Read More

Sage Canyon raises $91,972 for education foundation with jog-a-thon

Originally published April 4, 2018 in the Del Mar Times.

Karen Billing

The Del Mar Schools Education Foundation is on the home stretch for its fundraising year, making great strides due to some very successful school jog-a-thons. Sage Canyon Elementary School, in particular, raised more money than ever with this year’s jog-a-thon, bringing in $91,972.

“We started the year with Carmel Del Mar having the highest family participation rate we’ve had in the past with an 81 percent participation rate,” said Susan Polizzotto, president of the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) of some of this year’s fundraising highlights. “But we are far from our goal of $1.9 million. We need at least $1.7 million to help the district keep the same level of STEAM+ specialists they had this year.”

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