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Sacred Heart Schools implement new physical education program

Originally published Nov. 2, 2018 in the Sedalia Democrat

By Hope Lecchi

It’s a concern of many: the health and physical well-being of the generation of school-aged children. With so many children finding reasons not to focus on their health, many schools are trying to turn the focus back on getting children to become more active.

Sacred Heart is among those schools. This year the school has reevaluated its physical education classes in an effort to improve the health and conditioning of its students. Read More


Superstar PE Lesson Helps Students Develop Skill, Passion for Running

Capitalizing on their combined passion for running and a network of trails adjacent to their Nichols Middle School campus, Kelly Rich and Meghan Enos developed a unit designed to teach students how to find their optimal running pace.

Targeted to seventh grade physical education students, Rich and Enos created a running unit that’s been selected as February’s Lesson for IHT Spirit. Rich and Enos submitted the lesson as part of the most recent IHT Spirit Video Challenge: Lessons from a Superstar.

An Introduction to the Health Benefits of Running

Rich and Enos developed the running unit to their fitness class as a change of pace to traditional on-campus running programs. Working with their administration, the teachers obtained permission to take students off campus to exercise.

“I got permission to be able to take the kids out running on the roads around the school,” Rich said. “Then we discovered all of the trails around the school as well. We started using those so the kids get a more authentic experience instead of running around the fields over and over.” Read More


St. Joseph High to unveil new fitness center

Originally published Dec. 31, 2017 in the Connecticut Post

By Sophia Kunthara

TRUMBULL — St. Joseph High School will unveil its new $1.5 million fitness center at the beginning of this year, as the school works to incorporate health and wellness as a priority for its students.

The two-level 4,500-square-foot facility includes cardio and strength-training areas for the school’s more than 40 athletic teams and 800 students. With the new facility comes a new course, Fitness for Life, which will focus on making health and wellness part of students’ lifestyle.

“We want to establish a foundation not just for [physical education] class, and not just for an athletic team, but for your whole life,” said Jessica Morales, the school’s director of marketing and enrollment.

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