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‘Flipped Wednesday’ Puts PE Students in Charge of Workout Creation

Two years ago, Oskaloosa (Iowa) Middle School PE teacher Betsy Luck flipped her teaching philosophy and challenged her students to create lessons that helped them increase the time they spend exercising at an elevated heart rate.

Students studied various elements of workouts on their own and then demonstrated their mastery while Luck observed and made suggestions as necessary. Her “Flipped Wednesday” continues today with students continuing to develop the skills they’ll need to create fitness-enhancing workouts both during and away from school. Read More

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Flipped Classroom Approach Gives PE Students a Leading Role

Physical education students increase their ability to create heart-healthy workouts utilizing strategies more commonly seen in academic subjects.

In recent years, teachers have implemented practices that give students more control over how they learn essential subject matter. Teachers have found students more engaged and prepared for class when they employ the flipped classroom technique to present material.

In traditional academic classes, teachers typically present new material through a lecture or hands-on lesson and then assign homework to reinforce the lesson after school. The flipped classroom model reverses the way material is presented. What the teacher would normally present in class is assigned for students to study and learn at home, and class-time becomes a forum where students can practice those skills and get help from the teacher as needed.

For physical education, teachers have students plan an engaging workout at home and then execute it during the next class session. Homework helps students understand how to create a quality workout. The teacher then transitions from leader to observer to gauge the success with which students understood the assignment and help implement any corrections or reinforce understanding as needed. Read More


P.E. Leadership Class Gives Hands-on Training

Originally published Oct. 28, 2017 in the Woodstock Independent.

By Whitney Rupp


Twice a week, Olson Elementary School physical education teacher Jackie Anderson hands over the reins to her first- and second-grade class to another group of students.

The PE leadership class offered at Woodstock High School gives students real-world experiences in the teaching arena at the elementary school level. Students interested in the course might have an interest in education as a career or be passionate about athletics. Either way, it’s a partnership enjoyed by some of the youngest and oldest students in Woodstock School District 200.

The elective course consists mostly of juniors and seniors and is led by PE division chair Matt Prill. Early in the semester, WHS students spend time observing elementary students at Olson, doing some peer teaching together and designing a lesson plan to present.

Eden Janiga, a Woodstock High student, leads Olson Elementary first-graders in PE lessons Oct. 17. Independent Photo by Whitney Rupp

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Student Effort to Achieve MVPA Improves Confidence, Fitness

Sept. 13, 2017 – By pairing a daily goal with new heart rate technology, students at Odebolt Arthur Battle Creek Ida Grove High School (Ida Grove, Iowa) proved they can take ownership of their own fitness programs.

Students in Jeff Miesner’s physical education classes began using the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitors in October, 2016. At the start, students participated in workouts Miesner developed. Months later, the teacher felt comfortable stepping back, observing and encouraging students as they worked toward each day’s goal of minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity. Read More

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5 Great Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Flipping Your Classroom

Originally posted July 11, 2017 by the globaldigitalcitizen.org

By Lee Watanabe Crockett

There’s something exciting about the concept of the flipping your classroom. Imagine the excitement of learners doing hands-on work at school and taking video lessons at home. The idea might feel a little uncomfortable at first, and if you are new to it the nuts and bolts of the flipping process may be unfamiliar. That said, it is an effective method of improving learning outcomes. Having the right flipped classroom tips will help make it succeed for you.

Classroom flipping gives teachers a way to interact with students on their own level. It uses a format students are both familiar with and interested in. This is why so many teachers are attempting their own flipped classroom. The following tips can help you flip your classroom in an effective and fun way. Read More