Funding Your Physical Education Program

Originally published April 14, 2017 by The Physical Educator.

By Kymm Ballard

One of the biggest issues I hear across the country is that physical education and health education programs are underfunded. Some schools have budgets and others do not. Some teachers are content and others want to improve their programs. And some have written grants and others have not. This blog is hopefully for all of you! I am here to tell you there is funding out there to improve your health or physical education programs. Knowing where to look and what to do are sometimes out of our “PE” lane. Kymm Ballard Consulting was created to network and to provide technical assistance in funding to educators. It is how I contribute to the profession through my work and experience with others, just as others share lessons and assessments.

In most schools across the United States, school budgets are tight, but I am here to tell you, money is out there! It will take work and determination. Some people may be scared or lack the confidence to write a grant. I hope I can help transition our thinking about grants and provide you with confidence to seek and receive funding to improve your program. If you’re reading this, you must have some desire and interest! Read More


How to Find Funding for your PE Program within the School Budget

Funding to finance comprehensive programs for PE program is not easy. Traditional campus funding that is allocated to PE programs is usually limited. But does it have to be? When administrators develop their budgets each spring for the next school year they have a hard task of deciding what percentage of their budget they will use in each different program area. Continuous pressure on administrators to increase student academic scores on standardized assessments often dictates budget expenditures.

Does that mean that PE budgets are hopelessly left with little or no funding at the end of the process? No! It means that as PE teachers it is our responsibility to demonstrate with data and scientific evidence how the level of fitness and wellness of students correlates to academic achievement. Communication is the key.

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