Teachers leave no funding stone unturned in quest for heart rate technology

Funding for new school initiatives including technology can be challenging, but creative teachers continue to find ways to help raise money by advocating for their needs, including staging community events that bring stakeholders together for a common cause.

Last year, IHT and partner adidas combined to launch the IHT Spirit FitFest powered by adidas. FitFest is a “fundraiser in a box” program that helps schools host community-wide events designed to raise awareness for the physical education program and, more directly, money to purchase PE technology including the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitor.

“IHT and adidas help you every step of the way,” said Indian Springs Elementary School PE teacher Tracie Hammond, who organized a FitFest event at her school in 2017. “They set you up with all of your supplies, everything you need to have a successful event.” Read More

PE Minutes

Indian Springs uses FitFest to purchase new PE technology

FitFestFeb. 1, 2017 – Hoping to raise money to add to the PE technology it can offer students, Indian Springs Elementary (San Antonio, Texas) hosted the second IHT Spirit FitFest powered by adidas Friday.

More than 500 students got to use new adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors. Students as young as second grade became transfixed on the computer screen as they glimpsed a graph of their heart rate data during class. Even the young students could understand their effort by simply checking the color displays on the monitor. Read More


FitFest fundraiser helps Hendrickson acquire new PE technology

Dec. 13, 2016

At the report of a starter’s pistol, Hendrickson High School (Pflugerville, Texas) hit the ground running with a new way to raise money by putting the community in touch with its physical education program.

FitFestHendrickson hosted its Hawk Nation IHT Spirit FitFest powered by adidas Sunday afternoon, a fundraising 5K/Kids K fun run and health expo.  Entrants got to wear the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors during the run and got to see how their heart rate responded with the IHT Spirit System software immediately after finishing. Participants also received the report via email. Read More

Hendrickson community gears up for FitFest fundraiser

Originally published online by the Austin American-Statesman and Pflugerville Pflag

Dec. 7, 2016

Hendrickson High School will host the Hawk Nation IHT Spirit FitFest Sunday, a fundraiser to purchase heart-rate monitors and related software for the school’s physical education department.

Students in Boone, Iowa smile before taking part in a 2015 Fit Fest fundraiser at their school.

The Hawk Nation FitFest features a 5K fun run, a Kids K and a health and wellness expo for the community. Organizers aim to raise money to purchase adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart-rate monitors and the IHT Spirit System assessment software to enhance the school’s physical education department. Read More