Teachers Organize Community Events to Buy PE Heart Rate Monitors

Physical education teachers use community events to showcase their program can also double as key fundraising events, helping purchase new instruments that can help students develop lifelong skills to manage their health and fitness.

Maize South Middle School (Kan.) PE teacher Brandon Wolff created his Bull Rush event to inspire a renewed commitment to effort for his students to put in health-enhancing work during class.

“One of the things we saw a few years ago was that kids weren’t giving us any effort,” Wolff said. “They just got their fitness tests done without worrying about the score. We came up with the idea to do an obstacle course at the end of the year.” Read More

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FMHS P.E. class goes high-tech

Originally published April 27, 2018 in the Fort Madison Daily Democrat.

By Skyler Holtkamp

There will be no slacking during Fort Madison’s PE class.

The FMCSD have recently introduced heart rate monitors for the high school Physical Education course. The monitors are designed to test a students exertion level by recording their heart rate.

Each monitor is connected by Bluetooth technology to a device controlled by the educators. The program is powered by Interactive Health Technologies (IHT). Those numbers are then sorted into heart-rate zones so each student can see what level they are working at and how long they’ve been in a certain zone. Read More