heart rate monitors for PE

School acquires heart rate monitors for PE

Originally published Nov. 2, 2018 in the Fairmont Sentinel.

By Brooke Wohlrabe

The Physical Education department at the Fairmont Elementary School recently got a set of heart monitors that students will wear during physical education (P.E.) and Fit and Well classes. The four teachers in the department, Haley Loerts, Don Waletich, Derek Spear and Allison Klassen, recently received some training on how to use the monitors and they plan to implement them into classes in the next few weeks.

“Right now we’re planning on using them in the K-2 side because we only have one set,” Loerts said, going on to explain that one set consists of 28 monitors. Read More

objective PE evaluation

Teachers Deliver Objective PE Evaluation Using Heart Rate Data

Assessments Enable PE Teachers to Grade Students Based on Actual Performance Toward Individual Goal

New assessment software uses personalized heart rate data to enable teachers to deliver objective PE evaluation of each student during physical education class.

With data that shows how often students met workout goals, PE teachers can use the data for several purposes:

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