Spirit Mobile App Keeps PE Students Connected, Motivated to Exercise Away from School

Simon Youth Coast High School Academy (Calif.) teacher Darla Merrill uses the IHT Spirit mobile app to revolutionize the way she runs her PE program.

Many of Merrill’s students come to class just once a week as part of an independent study curriculum, but the teacher requires students to exercise on their own as well as during her class. To remain accountable to Merrill’s assignments and coaching, students use the IHT ZONE wrist heart rate monitor, powered by the IHT Spirit Mobile App. Read More

Independent Study Students Maintain Link to PE Teacher Using IHT Spirit Mobile App

Connection Creates Paradigm Shift for PE Program by Adding Motivation, Accountability to Students’ Off-Campus Exercise

Students enrolled in the Simon Youth Coast High School Academy (Huntington Beach, Calif.) PE program use the IHT Spirit Mobile App to ensure they log enough activity to stay healthy between their once a week PE classes.

PE teacher Darla Merrill deployed the IHT ZONE heart rate monitor with the IHT Spirit Mobile App to keep students she only sees on Fridays engaged with her class – and their own fitness – during the week.

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